Artist Statement 2017


I make generative (software-based) artworks, works on paper, video loops, and website artworks.

These varied mediums and their relationships with each other highlight the charged spaces between traditional visual art objects, newer ephemeral art forms, and post-cinema.

My artworks are often made in small groupings, where different mediums begin with the same raw materials (for example, a generative artwork, paper-based work, and video might all begin with a single photograph or film strip). The works that result from this process interrelate. And they influence each others’ production processes as if they’re my artistic partners. A paper-based work can be a development on a moment seen in a random composition or website, and a video can use a motif structure from a paper-based work. In some projects, my paper-based works and videos can have secondary roles as storyboards and animatics, while I’m making a random composition. This mimics production processes in entertainment industries such as cinema and gaming.

Areas of focus include chance and liveness. I use algorithms to build chance procedures into my random compositions and websites so they can’t be viewed the same way twice. Analog raw materials provide a low-tech visual equivalent of wow and flutter, bringing random variation into a high precision digital context. I often combine recent digital materials (such as 2D & 3D illustration and modelling objects, randomization algorithms, or a variety of hacked softwares), with lo-fi materials (analog film loops converted to GIFs, or vintage photographs, pencil and paint).