Clive Holden: UNAMERICAN UNFAMOUS – Brooklyn (2022), Slice 1



Clive Holden: UNAMERICAN UNFAMOUS – Brooklyn (2022), Slice 1




This code-based artwork is a 21st century kinetic iconography – a new form of Pop Art assemblage where the third dimension is time. In this latest iteration of a peripatetic and evolving work (the first was made for Ryerson Image Centre in Toronto), the icons are the unsung of Brooklyn. Their ‘found face’ photos re-mix with moving visual detritus scavenged from today’s analog and digital alleyways.

Beginning with a soft launch at Kingsborough Art Museum on March 17th, this artwork in its completed form will take over the museum a year later in spring, 2023. During those 12 months, the work will evolve with the help of the Brooklyn community, who will be asked to nominate photos for inclusion.

In this bricolage of online and offline technologies and techniques, the viewer surfs the tensions between art’s dominant dichotomies: space/time, text/image, abstract/figurative, relational/formal. The pictured Brooklynites are part of a flux that’s remixing, live, before our eyes.