UNAMERICAN UNFAMOUS – Brooklyn (2022, film+paint+code)



UNAMERICAN UNFAMOUS – Brooklyn (2022, film+paint+code)


Still frame



Exhibition: Kingsborough Art Museum, Spring, 2022 and July-August, 2023



This software-based ‘live visual artwork’ is a 21st century kinetic iconography – a Pop Art assemblage except that here, the added dimensions are time + chance. The work’s formal structure is dynamic. It never repeats itself, engaging the viewer in the moment that is always with them while it paradoxically moves them forward. Yet, this occurs within the firm frame of visual art’s tradition of the grid. All of this, in turn, reflecting the artist’s existence within a dynamic social structure – in this case, that is Brooklyn.

In this latest iteration of a peripatetic & evolving work, the work’s visual icons are the unsung of Brooklyn. These found face photos re-mix with moving visual detritus from the last century and this one, scavenged from analog and digital alleyways.


Begun with a soft launch at Kingsborough Art Museum in spring, 2022, this artwork will take over the museum with a solo exhibition in summer, 2023. Until then, the work is evolving with the help of the Brooklyn community, who are nominating photos of their favourite UNAMERICANS who are UNFAMOUS for inclusion in the artwork.