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Deadline: sorry, the deadline has passed. Thanks for your interest. The exhibition will take place from July 20 to August 30, 2023, at KAM/Kingsborough Art Museum.

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Questions & Answers:


Call for Submissions (printable PDF)

Q: Do the photos need to be taken in Brooklyn?

A: Generally no, but the person in the photo does needs to be from Brooklyn, or connected to it. Caveat: if there’s something really identifiable in the photo’s background that makes it clear it was taken elsewhere, then that might not fit (if the Eiffel Tower is seen over the person’s shoulder, for example).

Q: Do you prefer photos of smiling or non-smiling people?

A: There will likely be more non-smiling subjects chosen, but it’s not a strict rule. More accurately, photos where people aren’t ‘posing’ too much will be preferred. If they are posing, that’s OK too if we can see who they are … if their personality shows through. 

Q: What about passport photos?

A: That would be an interesting example of a photo where people are told not to smile or otherwise pose. These can be valuable parts of a  person’s photographic history. Sometimes, official photos in various forms are the only times we can see a record of someone in an unguarded state.

Q: Can there be multiple people in the one photo? 

A: Only if it’s possible to zoom-in and crop out individual people. If someone’s in the photo who would otherwise be suitable, but they’re hugging someone else, it might be too hard to crop them so that they’re alone in the shot. Likewise, if they’re too fuzzy when they’re zoomed-in towards and blown-up, that also wouldn’t work. All the final images used in the artwork will be showing one person at a time.

Q: Are you only looking for professional quality photographs?

A: No, the photos being sought could be taken by anyone at all. They can even be damaged (old snap shots, or film photos with darkroom smears, or glitched digital photos). If the photo fits the other criteria, we might even like some interesting-looking visual damage. 

Q: Will you crop or alter the original photographs?

A: All of the photographs will be cropped, unless they’re square to begin with. If they’re in color, they might also be converted to black & white. They will also, definitely be used in a wide variety of analog and digital processes that will alter how they look. However, the original photo (with the above caveats) will be also visible – most of the time that it’s being used on-screen. As in the artwork detail seen above, it will be repeated (‘visually rhymed’), showing on-screen along with multiple other variants of the same photograph.

Q: Should I crop or otherwise augment the original photo?

A: Ideally, no. Please leave that to the artist.

Q: Can I ask more questions?

A: Yes, you can contact the artist via Instagram Direct Message/DM: @cliveholden